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Sea Butterfly - a Sea Snail that can Swim

posted on May 18, 2016| tags: sea butterfly sea creature sea oceans marine life sea slug

Sea Butterfly is the name of a unique group of sea snails that can swim in the ocean near the surface. Scientific name of the suborder is Thecosomata.

Sea Butterfly

Most striking feature of the creature is its "wings" which are nothing but modified foot. The animal is very small in size, usually less than 1 cm in length.

Sea Butterfly can float freely in the water. They can be found within 25 meter of the sea surface. The move by flapping their wing like foot.

Sea Butterfly with Shell

Some people mistake them as sea slugs. But they are not slugs. There shell is transparent and often missing causing that misconception.

Flying Sea Butterfly

They are plankton eaters. They often eats food which is much larger than them in size. Often they moves in large groups.