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Amazing Garden Eel Photos

posted on Nov 24, 2016| tags: eel fish ocean

Garden Eel


Garden eel are awesome creatures. They lives inside sand under the sea. They are not deep sea dwellers. They prefer the regions where sunlight is plenty. So, they lives in shallow sea beds covered with sand. There are hundreds of species of the animal living in the world's oceans, seas, bays and gulfs. Look at the photo below to see another one.


Garden Eel Colony


Here is a large colony of garden eels inside a marine awuarium. Look at the amazing scene. They looks like thousands of sea snakes.

brown garden eel

Who was talking about snakes? Look at the above photo. That thing suddenly resembles a snake, is not it? It is a brown garden eel. On land it wrthing like a snake. But don't be affraid guys, it can't bite.

Learn more about the garden eels from here.

Blacktip Reef Shark

posted on May 06, 2016| tags: shark marine life ocean sea wildlife animal sharks animals

Blacktip Reef Shark is the most common among all reef sharks. It is the most abundant apex predetor in the reef ecosystems.So, it has a crucial roll in maintaining the delicate balance of the system.

Blacktip Reefshark

Here are some quick information about it:

Scientific Name: Carcharhinus melanopterus

Shark Type: Requiem shark

Habitate: Tropcal Coral Reefs

Feeding Type: Carnivore

Average Length: 5 ft

The Blacktop Shark eats fishes, shrimps, crabs etc for food. They prefer to live in the shallow water. The shark usually try to avoid humans.

Baby Blacktip Shark






Falco’s Hawkfish or Dwarf Hawkfish [Cirrhitichthys falco]

posted on Apr 20, 2016| tags: fish marine life ocean hawkfish

Falco’s Hawkfish

Like a hawk the Hawkfish jumps upon its prey from the coral mounds. Most of the Hawkfish species are very aggressive.  Some of the types of Hawkfish are less aggressive and thus preferred by the Aquarium owners. The Falco's hawkfish is such a beautiful fish. Another name of the fish is Dwarf Hawkfish. Scientific name of the fish is Cirrhitichthys falco. The fish never grows more than 7 cm in length.

The Falco’s  Hawkfish is white with red-chestnut spots that run corner to corner along the body. They have little tufts of splendid yellow on the tips of their dorsal blade beam called cirri. They are also known as the Spotted Hawkfish.

The Falco's hawkfish lives in the corals in the Indo-Pacific region. The fish generally swims at the depth of 20 to 60 feet. Thay can be seen in coral reefs. They generally keep hidden at the base of the coral reefs. Talking about swimming it must be said that the fish is not a good swimmer. It generally can only swim for a few seconds. Most of the

Unbelievable Mysteries of the Ocean

posted on Apr 09, 2016| tags: ocean

We know that most of the deep ocean is yet to be explored by us. So, there remains some mysterious things under its water still today. Here are some of these:-

Mysterious undersea city found near Cuba.

1) The Milky Sea Phenomenon : Milky sea is large areas of the ocean covered with white illumination. What is the exact cause is yet unknown.

2) Yonaguni Pyramids: These are the undersea pyramids near the coast of Japan.

3) Underwater Falls: There are seven waterfalls under the sea!

4) Underwater City of Cuba: It is discovered in 2012 near the coast of Cuba. The city is situated in a depth of 600 feet and is very old.

5) Glowing and Rotating Wheels: Some circular glowing shapes are located over the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. It is not clear what are these things and why it is happening.

6) Baltic UFO: The object called as "Baltic UFO" is a mysterious thing found in the depth of the Baltic sea. Nobody knows what it is.

Do you know about such mysteries of the ocean?

Watch this video to know more about such mysteries :

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