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Octopus is Intelligent

posted on Apr 13, 2016| tags: octopus

6 Giant_Pacific_Octopus_(Octopus_dofleini)_(7007259144)


Do you know that Octopus is an intelligent animal? In fact, they are the smartest among all invertebrates. The level of smartness of an Octopus is surprising for an invertebrate that we generally do not even consider as animals. We always think that invertebrates, i.e., insects are very lower order of living beings.


Many experiments have shown that Octopuses have short as well as long term memory. That mean an octopus can recognize you like your pet dog! It is also found that they can learn from experiences. Learning by observing is one of the most important traits of an intelligent being.

Octopuses have problem solving abilities. That is why it is difficult to keep them in normal aquarium like fishes. They often flee from captivity by using various tactics while their fish companions do not even comprehend that they are not in a natural environment.

Octopus has eight legs (or hands). These tentacles have built in automatic control systems. Each tentacle has its own micro-processor to control the movements and process data from thousands of sensors. Controlling eight tentacles need a good deal of brain processing power. That is the reason octopus has evolved as an intelligent creature.

Octopus uses its smartness to catch preys. They catch crabs and lobsters safely by using various techniques. They are also master disguisers. They can hide themselves with the environment very quickly.

These creatures can also have the ability of using tools by their hands. Some octopuses carry discarded coconut shells and modify them to make nice small home. Similar instances of tool use have been observed in many cases.

So, people it is the time to give them some respect. I think the time has come to stop eating them alive as some Asian people love to do. Octopus is smart enough to feel pain and to understand what death is.

We need to protect the environment. We need to save the seas and protect all the wildlife. It is necessary to keep our world safe from future disasters.

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